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By cutting off certain thoughts. Studies by Europe-based researcher Dan Low reveal that certain thoughts
cause fear, frustration, and dissatisfaction, while others bring you feelings of instant joy and happiness.


Low spent 3 years during the 1970s with his team in England, France, Switzerland and ​Denmark, doing research on why, when there are two​ ​groups of people with the same intelligence and talent, one group​ ​systematically outperforms the other. They identified these thoughts,​ ​named them “Monkeys” or “Gorillas” in reference to their mischief, and​ ​demonstrated that they were at the roots of our feelings. These thoughts​ ​can lead to discouragement. Can make a strong person weep. Drive others to sucide. Are responsible for crime, violence and poverty – not to mention wars.

They create stress. Encourage us to eat, drink or smoke excessively. Can produce bodily pains, headaches,
nausea, ulcers and cancer. No matter where we are, or what we are doing – working, playing or sleeping
– we risk being attacked. They are also responsible for professional and personal failures.


Have you ever...

    ● Been tempted to speak to someone you were attracted to, only to feel a heavy pounding on your chest?
    ● Seen street violence and felt your legs turn into jelly?
    ● Had the urge to get up and dance, only to be discouraged by the sight of no one on the floor?
    ● Given up when you were close to succeeding in something you were doing?
    ● Been overwhelmed by feelings of guilt, anger, jealousy or anxiety?


If so, you have been a victim of these highly destructive “Monkeys” or “Gorillas” that roam the


In his 30+ years of experience, Dan Low has found that no one is free from these subconscious attacks.
Not the rich, the poor, the beautiful, the young, the old – the literate or the ignorant.


“The average person falls victim at least twice a day,” says Low. That’s 730 times a year. They are even
at work in your subconscious while you’re asleep. It’s no wonder some of us wake up feeling
tired or gloomy.


But now, you need not worry about it happening to you. Today, sessions are available in which you can
learn, in a matter of days or hours, how to identify and disarm these subconscious aggressors, thus
allowing you to feel good in all situations. Do what you have been longing to do – without fear. And feel
what millions want to feel – happy and free.


As one student recalls. “In ten to fifteen minutes, I realized I was holding the answer to a great number of
personal problems. In fact, these various problems have been a constant nightmare both in my
professional and private life. However, within the last week alone, I’ve actually accomplished things
which I’ve been considering for years! Thank you so much for the free e-book.”

Learn more from this 3-minute  video >>>

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