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Our Program

Maximize your potential - with no stress !

With simple, powerful and immediately operational tools you will find nowhere else.
Tools we have been teaching for the last 30 years with great success for the participants.

These tools will enable you to:

  • Manage your time in an optimal way

(with a method you will find nowhere else)

  • Manage your emotions

  • Communicate efficiently

  • Advance smoothly towards your objectives

whether personal or professional

  • Cope with change & manage paradox

  • Solve problems easily

  • Achieve serenity and harmony

  • And feel good – at will!

The program includes 10 sessions of 60 minutes each, that you can follow in one or two goes. The sessions are sent to you every 15 days, so that you can watch the video and practice the tools before you go to the next sessions. In between sessions, you can email us if you have any questions, and we will answer you personally by e-mail.

A journey awaits – the journey of your life, to make it and keep it happy, harmonious, productive- and deeply fulfilling.

Image by Victor Hernandez

1st Degree


5 sessions of 60 minutes each

Get essential powerful
tools to lead your life
successfully and advance
towards your objectives

2nd Degree

5 sessions of 60 minutes each

Get additional advanced
tools to achieve full
serenity and harmony


Image by Matteo Di Iorio
Image by Lacey Raper

1st & 2nd Degrees


10 sessions of 60 minutes each

All 10 sessions

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