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Bad atmosphere at work.

Elisabeth loved her job, but she was suffering because of a dreadful atmosphere at work. Not only
was it stressful, but there were tensions and conflicts between colleagues. Each morning when she
left her apartment, she had knots in her stomach. What could she do?

She had thought of quitting her job but concluded that it would be the same everywhere. In her first
company, she had the same problem!

First, Elisabeth had to think lucidly about the situation and question her thoughts.

Could she go on like that, feeling bad each morning when she went to work? Was it a life? Had she
forgotten what her real objective was – that is to feel good each day?

What thoughts were attacking her? "You want / you can't" "What's going to happen?" (if you quit
your job). "You will never make it”. “You're going to lose."

"You want / you can't."

    - What makes you think that you can't find a new job?
    - Well, it’s not easy to find a job right now. On top of that, it might be the same in another company.
    - How do you know?
    - Because I had two bad experiences.
    - Is it enough to come to that conclusion? There are good companies to work for. The proof
is that companies are elected "Best Places to Work" each year. So no, all companies are not
the same.

So she started thinking: that's right, there are decent companies out there.
    - But how can I be sure that it’s a good company?
    - When you go for a job interview, position yourself as someone out to qualify your
future employer. Ask questions. Check for example on Internet what other employees think
about the company that interests you.

The other thoughts that were attacking Elisabeth were:

“What’s going to happen?” “You are going to lose”.

    - Do you know what’s going to happen?
    - Well, I don’t, and that’s the problem. I may not find a new job. So I would lose.

    - You do not have to quit your job while looking for a new one. This way, you’ll feel safer.

And that's what she did. And the very fact she had a way out made her feel better. She did not feel
like a prisoner of the situation anymore. She accepted the current atmosphere at work because she
knew it was temporary.

And you know what? After a few months, she did find a job. And in her new employment, she was

She fell on a company where it was a pleasure to work: the atmosphere was excellent, and there
was a good relationship between colleagues. She would never have dreamt that such a company

She found it because she questioned her thoughts, which enabled her to make decisions. The lesson
learned is that even if you suffered negative experiences in the past, it does not mean that you are
doomed to repeat them in the future. And that negative experiences with a few companies (or any
other situation or people as it goes) do not mean that all companies are "bad." It was a biased
conclusion on her part – that had led her to feel bad and to inaction. Once she changed that thought,
she was motivated again and could advance. We see here the power of our thoughts – only one
biased decision can make us go one way or shift our destiny!

Hence the power of managing our thoughts to help us gain control of our emotions. Which can
change our life tenfold – for the better!

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