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Kathy was not liked ever by her mother....

One of our participants, Kathy O, exposed her situation. She had never been liked by her mother
since she was a child, and now that her mum is older and needs care, she volunteered to help – but
her mother still does not show any appreciation and often treats her rudely, which makes her feel

What could improve the situation?
We used 3 of our tools to help Kathy: Bob, You & Co, and Wee-Wee-Noo. These are psychological
tools explained in our video.
Bob is the manifestation of reality: it's what is - and not what you would like it to be or hope it to

So Kathy had to accept that her mother was not like what she would have wanted her to be and that
she did not show signs of love or gratefulness, despite all her efforts.

The second tool is You & Co. This tool helps us see what works or does not work in our life – and
be aware of and acknowledge all the good things we can appreciate.

The third tool – Wee-Wee-Noo – helps us realize we are all important – not because of what we
have or do, but because we exist. And that we do not need to search to be liked.

Kathy applied these tools in her anger management.

With Bob, she accepted that her mother was not what she would have liked her to be.
It alleviated her frustration and anger. And helped her practice mindfulness.
With You & Co, she realized there were other things she could appreciate in her life, and that she
did not have to focus all her thoughts on only one reality. Which made her reality brighter!
With Wee-Wee-Noo, Kathy realized she was important - whatever other people thought of her - and
thus regained confidence and self-esteem. She also understood that her mother was equally
important – whatever her behavior towards her.

She finally decided she did not need to be liked by her mother. And her bitterness and resentment
were eliminated since she was not expecting anything in return anymore.
Thanks to these personal development tools , she could change the situation. She continued helping
her mother – but not all the time as she did before when her motivation was to feel needed and
liked by her mother. She called her brother and sister to come and help too. This way, she also
gained time for herself.

And once Kathy understood and made those decisions, she felt relieved. She no longer needed to be
liked by her mother and was no more depending upon the feelings of others toward her. She started
opening up to life – and retrieved her joy of living!

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