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How to make a decision when our heart says something, and our mind says the contrary? 

For instance, consider a person torn between pursuing a stable career in a well-paying job or following

his or her passion for art, which offers less financial security. The mind may advocate for the former,

emphasizing the importance of financial stability and longterm security. Meanwhile, the heart may yearn

for the latter, seeking fulfillment through creative expression. Such inner conflicts are universal.

So what is the solution?

First of all, you got to ask yourself the right questions.

The first question to ask yourself is:

A job that ensures you a stable career: is it a job you really like and feel like doing? Or is it simply a bread

and butter job?

  • If it’s a job you like, could you take that job, while pursuing your art on the side, as a hobby for

         example? Would it be satisfactory to you?

  • Or could you take that job, while doing your art on the side, and if your art develops, then quit your

          career job?

How much money do you need to live? Could your art job be satisfactory to you, even if it does not bring

as much money as your career job?
Are you ready to go through hard times if you choose to go for your art passion? Are you ready to take

small jobs on the side, while waiting for your art to enable you to live? Many artists have gone through

that before becoming famous. Knowing also that there is no guarantee of success. But of course, without

trying, we wouldn’t know.

Or do you have money aside, permitting you to live for a while - and how long? - while developing
your art job?

And if you have a family, would your family accept that? Would your family be ready to support you? Or

could you do without your family’s approval or support? It does not mean you got to submit to your

family’s desires, but you have to ask yourself these questions and weigh them in your decision – and be

ready to accept no support if that’s the case.

And if you did not succeed in your art job, could you go back to a more stable job afterwards?
Would it be possible?


We see that we do not put aside either our reason or our heart in our decision making. We acknowledge

our inclinations, then we use our mind to sort out what we are ready to do and face one way or the other.

By so doing, we will not go blindly one way or the other, but we will have anticipated what we are ready to

face or do. We do not want to have regrets if we choose a job career or an art job.

What is important is to be happy. If we choose a job career and make money, but we are not happy
in our life, what’s the point?

If we earn less money but we thrive in our passion job and are happy, then isn’t it worth it? And of course,

that would be valid for any job we like and would be ready to embrace.

Our mind will help us decide if we are ready for the unknown and possible difficulties of a passion job, or

if we need something more stable to be happy in our life. Though as we saw one does not exclude the

other, since we may be able to have a side job while developing our passion job if we do not want to launch

ourselves immediately. We can also test our passion job, study the market for it, how other people did it,

to comfort our decision.

So, whether you want to launch yourself in the art, or any other less secure job like being an entrepreneur,

if that is what you would really love to do, just ask yourself the above questions. You will have a clearer

mind to make your decision.

Knowing also that obstacles we find on our path are very good opportunities to grow, to challenge

ourselves, to develop inner confidence, to better comprehend life and other people’s behavior – hence

feeling good with ourselves, and with others.

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