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A desperate situation...

Andrew told us he was in a desperate situation, as his associate had stolen his product patent and he
had lost his business.

He had even attempted to commit suicide, because he did not see any way out. When someone told
him about us and our unique self-development tools, he decided to follow our training – after all,
maybe it could bring him something.

First of all, Andrew had to identify the thoughts that triggered negative emotions and made him feel
vulnerable, angry, and disheartened. That’s the first step to manage emotions. The underlying
thoughts in his case were: "You want, you can't." "He shouldn't" (have stolen his patent), and "You
should" (not have trusted him), "What's going to happen?” “You are going to lose."

Of course, Andrew would have liked this situation not to happen. But reality is different, and he has
to accept it to avoid being paralyzed by negativity.

Of course, his associate should not have stolen his patent, but in business, the good, bad, and ugly is
part of reality.

Once again it is a reality he has to accept if he wants to go forward – a reality that we call Bob, for
the initials "Boss of bosses" – and he needed to learn how to dance with this reality which is the

His objective was to solve the problem and advance, not to linger on what should or shouldn't have
happened and be whacked by Bob, impeding him from finding solutions.

Andrew had to stop feeling negative. He also had to stop feeling guilty for trusting this person, for
he couldn’t know and anyway errors are human, and we learn from experience. He also had to
understand that there are ups and downs in life, and that his situation is temporary. As the saying
goes: After the storm, the fine weather!

Then, Andrew had to "Turn his Head to the right" to change perspectives, empty his mind, focus his
attention on an object for 30 seconds, then think of what he still possessed and what he could do
with what he had.

He still had a body, a mind, a house, a family, some knowledge, some savings, etc., hence he did not
lose everything.

Once Andrew revised his situation, he felt relieved, better, and saw hope and other options he could
apply. He decided to sell his house and rented an apartment instead. A difficult decision, but he had
no choice if he wanted to survive.

He found some ideas, and after a while, he decided to create a new company. He had the money for
that – thanks to the sale of his house.

Of course, he had to rebuild a company from scratch. But he knew Bob now, and he accepted the
situation, realizing that he was lucky to be able to launch a new company.

And little by little, his company developed. He started making money again. He saw the end of the
tunnel. And after a while, he hired new workers as his company grew. And four years later, he
called to tell us that he had bought a new house – bigger and better than the one he had before! That
was the icing on the cake! He was so happy!

He could not thank us enough for the tools and the support we had given him. However, Andrew
was 100% responsible for his success. It's him who decided to follow the training and who applied
the tools. Of course, when you apply them, you get results. But you got to apply them first – and
the decision was entirely up to him.

Andrew was so happy that he ordered 10 of our books to give to some of his friends and partners.
There are always solutions. We just got to be open. And that's what Andrew did that led him to
bounce back and move from a desperate situation to becoming a successful entrepreneur.

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